Jumbolon Sheet Heat Insulation 

Polystyrene foams are good thermal insulators. XPS sheets use as building insulation material. These closed cells and high stiffeners of the jumbolon sheet(XPS sheet) reduced thermal conductivity. Extruded Polystyrene applies in case of enhancing the performance of the insulation system. 

Features of Jumbolon Sheet

  • Moisture-proof 
  • Compressive strength 
  • Durability 
  • Convenient installation 
  • Low-cost thermal insulation material 

Moisture Control Property

Because of its moisture-proof quality, jumbolon sheet also act as a barrier for water to enter. Compressive strength is the capacity of the XPS board to resist under compression. The compressive strength of this insulation material is higher as compared to other insulating materials. Because of its durability and easiest installation procedure, experts referred to this insulation material for thermal insulation of buildings. Thermopore1 provide XPS sheet at X factory rate in all over Pakistan. 

XPS is a synthetic aromatic polymer that obtains from petroleum products. jumbolon sheet can be solid or foamed shaped. EPS and XPS are both made from thermocol, but EPS make of tiny plastic particles or beads. It presses out to convert it into a form of sheets. 

Extruded Polystyrene is also known as a thermoplastic polymer. It is a closed-cell structure that has a higher density as compared to the EPS sheet. The production process of XPS is slightly different From EPS. 

Use as in Thermal Insulation

This thermal insulation material is used to the thermal insulation of buildings, roofs, and concrete floors to reduce thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity of jumbolon sheet is the amount of heat transferred through an area due to the indifference of material, lowering the material’s thermal conductivity: the more extraordinary the material ability to resist the heat transfer, and the greater the insulation’s effectiveness. 

Thermal insulation is an excellent solution to reduce energy consumption through the building envelope. It decreases the energy demand of heating and cooling systems—thermal insulation jumbolon sheet in every building envelope element. We can better the thermal comfort inside our home.